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The “LET” Process

Here at scalpcarolinas, we believe in keeping the customer informed, but more importantly, keeping things simple. The process consist of 3 sessions, called LET (Life Changer, Enhancer, Touch-Up). The qouted prices covers all three sessions. Once the price is agreed upon, there will NEVER be a discussion about additional pricing unless the customer wants to make any major adjustments like the changing of the hairline.

The entire process is as such:


This session can be done in person, via skype or simply sending pictures of your scalp.

Session 1- Life Changer

This main session ranges from 4-6 hours depending on the procedure. 75-90% of results is achieved at this session

Session 2 – Enhancer

1 – 2 weeks after 1st session has healed, 1-3 hours can be spent enhancing and further blending the procedure to fit every aspect of your style, taking in your feedback

Session 3 – Touch up

From the first procedure up to a year, will we perform any minor touch ups for free

We will explain this process to you during the consultation and we are always available to you to answer any questions. A great client is one that is well informed and so
we are very forthcoming with information and are very transparent during the entire process.


After Care

MicroPigmentation will allow you to live simply, without needing to worry or do extra maintenance to your hair on an ongoing basis. However, keep in mind that the initial maintenance required during the first few days are crucial to preserving the benefits of the procedure.

Please be sure to follow these simple steps to ensure your scalp heals properly during the first 2 weeks:

  • No Sweating
  • Cover your head from the sun with a cap or hood.
  • Do not wet your scalp for 48 hrs
  • Apply the applicator 3 times daily
  • Do not scratch it when itching (Pat)
  • Always use clean hands when touching it