3 Life Saving Tips For All The Bald Men Out There

Bald men seem to be the butt of every joke ever. But it is not their fault neither their choice. They didn’t want their hair to prematurely empty their heads! The social stigma that surrounds bald men is simply imprudent. And if you are one of those suffering from baldness, don’t worry; we have some awesome tips for you. Want to know what they are? Keep scrolling down to find out.

Get the scalp micropigmentation done

To whoever came up with the idea of hair scalp micropigmentation procedure is a true genius. Hundreds of thousands of lives are now saved from the daily embarrassment because of this one simple procedure. It is not complicated; it is just using ink on the first layer of skin that replicates a cropped hair look. Done within hours, the results are visible within days and it stays on for four years at least. Scalp micropigmentation looks natural (unlike many other procedures) and amps up your sex appeal.

Use a matte moisturizer after it is clean

Whether or not you got the hair tattoo, make sure to get rid of the last few strands of hair from your head. Get the clean look! Once you are done with that, buy a moisturizer. Just like your face needs moisture to retain its softness and maintain its prime condition, your scalp to needs to be looked after. You think not having hair will cut down on your hair routine, but no dude. It doesn’t! The scalp needs to be moisturized and hydrated. A moisturizer is all you need. But not the sloppy ones, you need one that comes with a matte finish to ensure that your head doesn’t look like a shining mirror ball.

Throw off those hats (for the good)

It’s much about embracing your true beauty. Rather than trying to cover up your bald head, show it off. In fact, use accessories to accentuate it. No, we are not saying use beads and blobs on your scalp, but let it be natural. If you have got your hair scalp pigmentation, you can easily show it off because it looks real and cropped and sexy. Don’t always wear a hat to cover the top of your head. Occasionally, yes it works; daily, it becomes too much. And that stink and stench from your head for not being exposed enough, unbearable. Be what you are, not what the world expects you to be! So screw the hats.

So what are you waiting for? Get your appointment today and undergo the process of hair tattoo micropigmentation to look new and feel confident. Clinics performing the procedure charge a very nominal amount. The experts are all qualified professionals, so that is sorted. Just as mentioned before, be what you are, and the world will be flattered anyway.

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