4 Celebrity Inspired Short Hairlines To Flaunt This Season!

1. The straight hairline

The straight hairline is a classic, even amongst scalp micropigmentation parties and it gives a good balance to people with an angular facial lines, jawlines, and cheekbones. A good example of the straight hairline is recording artist Drake who has carried the look season after season with the same kind of panache.

2. The V cut hairline

Hollywood A-listers like Jason Statham and Matt Damon have been spotted sporting the V hairlines from time to time and they do a spending job with it. A good cut for the round and rectangular facial shapes, it has a formal essence that is quite unmatched and looks great with dress shirts and t shirts alike.

You can even add some hair tattoo for hair loss in the patches to give it a wholesome look – which is definitely going to attract the ladies like it should.

3. The Natural Hairline

If you like to age like fine wine and accept your style, then the natural hair line is good enough. From getting your hair cropped to making the hair line sharp with defined markings, you can do it all. The natural hair line is one of the most popular and is sported by the likes of rock stars like Sting – clearly known for his sense of style.

4. The Rounded Hairline

Want some style blended with sophistication? The rounded hairline is it, and if you don’t believe us, then check out Cam Gigandet from Never Back Down and you will know what we are talking about. The style is common and comes well within the cost of scalp micropigmentation if you are getting one, so why not?

These are the 4 top hairlines in style today and if you want to get things done then here is where you should pick up from. Now, don’t wait up any longer, get started today!

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