5 Beard Styles That Do Wonders To The Buzz Cut Look?

Beard has been doing the rounds in the male fashion industry and if you have a buzz cut or a balding hair pattern, there are some beard styles that could totally ricochet the attention to the right places.

These beard styles are particularly handy for people who opt for hair scalp pigmentation and it makes them feel more confident about themselves in the long run. Now, let’s take a look at what these cuts are –

1. Nordic Beard

One of the most coveted beard designs is the Nordic one and it just gives you a squarer jawline and a manly look. This beard also puts your face to balance and supplements the buzz overhead – which just makes you look like a mean machine! If you have the body to carry it off, then you are definitely going to look quite the spartan.

2. The Unkempt Wizard Beard

If you have been a fan of Gandalf or Dumbledore, then you know what this beard looks like. When you have the buzz or the hair tattoo micropigmentation, this look can make you look wise and make you the spitting image of a magical being with purpose. A good reference point will be the huge biker gang dudes.

3. The Trimmed Corporate Beard

This one is probably one of the most common beard looks, both for men with hair and without. It gives an all-purpose look and you could hit a party in style, or attend an office meeting and no one would bat an eye. Trimmed beards are hard to maintain and need a trim after every other day!

4. The Pointed Beard

It could be hard to maintain, but the pointed beard provides the perfect foil for the rounded head look and it gives you the balance to look good and confident with almost anything. However, this is only an option for people with straight beard hair and that can be a hindrance for many in achieving the right look.

5. The Shaped Stubble Beard

You could have a stubble or a bit of scruff and get it shaped, and your hair tattoo micropigmentation would have the perfect compliment. Just trim it to an inch or less and shape the scruff to perfection. You could also go bold and try some different designs – think ironman or Ludacris.

These are the 5 beard designs that perfectly compliment a hair tattoo for hair loss. The hairline tattoo cost is far less than other balding remedies and you could give it a try if you are losing hair!

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