5 Super Useful Ways To Avoid/Treat Sunburn On A Bald Head

Sunburns are extremely common during the winter. Wait, you don’t believe it! But it is the truth. During summers, we take extra care to not get tanned, but winter, you know the truth. If you have a bald head or have undergone scalp micropigmentation, you know suntan is your worst enemy. It just ruins your entire look. So how to treat or probably avoid suntan? Here are a few effective tips to follow.

Try to avoid direct sun rays

Though it is common sense but needs mention nonetheless. Avoiding direct sun rays is one of the best ways to avoid getting sunburns. When going out, try to use hats to cover your head. Since you have no hair to protect your scalp, you have to use external factors to cover it up. If you have undergone the hair tattoo micropigmentation procedure, it is better to cover your head from direct sun as it ensures the longevity of the color.

Moisturizers are your best buds

Sunburn skin is most painful because the particular part dries out. If you use moisturizers, you are not only keeping your head cool but also providing it with an extra layer of protection. Moisturizers, lend a gentle touch to the burnt area thus providing extra relief. You can also apply sunscreen on your scalp to prevent it from burning further. This particular process has an added advantage. If you have a hair tattoo, your scalp looks more natural than ever.

Home remedies are the best

Homemade remedies are popular because of a simple reason- because they are effective. Cheap and affordable, the ingredients used are available easily in our homes, which mean you don’t have to run around to get a hold of them. The most common recipe is mixing baking soda and water, making a paste of it and applying it on the sunburn scalp. It provides immense relief immediately and the results become visible after a few repetitions. Another great recipe is oatmeal and water. It soothes burn and gives your scalp a natural shine.

And so is aloe vera

If you want a natural sunburn medication, then it is aloe vera. It heals your scalp faster than any other medicines. Aloe vera has soothing qualities that are also effective. Apply aloe vera every day; it will make your scalp shine while fixing sunburn. It is best to apply aloe vera twice daily to get the best results. If you have undergone hair scalp pigmentation, using aloe won’t fade the color. However, it is better to consult the expert before using any home remedy.

Don’t take hot showers

Hot showers during the winter or after a long, tiring day can feel extremely relaxing. But you have no idea what amount of harm it does to your skin. Hot water dries your skin and that only amplifies your sunburn. Well, you don’t have to torture yourself by bathing in freezing water, but lukewarm should do you good.

Being bald makes your sunburn visible. And if it doesn’t match the skin color of your face, well, you know how that looks. This works even more if you have hair tattoo done. So treat your sunburn by following the tips and you will be just fine. Scalp micropigmentation for thinning hair has become a common process because it is effective. But don’t let the Sun ruin its beauty. Say no to sunburn!

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