5 Ways To Dress & Complement Your MCP!

Getting scalp tattoo micropigmentation has become quite the trend among balding men who like to go the non-invasive and cost effective way. It allows them to preserve a look without much of daily maintenance, and become a truly confident man.

Yet, for most, this procedure and hairstyle is very new and they may take some time to adjust to it in terms of fashion. However, with help, things might become faster and that is exactly what this blog looks to achieve. It looks to help MCP people become better at styling themselves and realize that their hairstyle is not a limitation, but an advantage. After they get to know ‘how to dress’ of course!

1. The Classic Long Sleeve Shirt and Trousers

When MCP makes something so basic look cooler and more powerful, you know that the style you have chosen is the right one. Go for a comfort fit on your shirt and a sports-fit for your trousers. Make sure that both the apparels are contrasted to make the whole look pop out. Use your skin tone to your advantage and go for darker colors on lighter skin and vice versa. Wheatish tan skin tones can go both ways and still look great.

Remember to add boots for a more gravitas look, loafers for a chic look, and sneakers for a ‘street meets Friday dressing’ look!

2. Layer with the Broad Lapel Outdoor Jacket

The broad lapel outdoor jacket is a must have addition to scalp micropigmentation people. Mostly available in solid dark colors, it could give your regular t- shirt and jeans look a whole new twist. One could raise the lapel collar and add a pair of aviators to get the really bad-ass look. Having a couple of wrist accessories, be it leather or metal, is definitely going to add more dynamicity and realism; and so are rings.

Under the denim trousers, it’s best to add a pair of tan boots that look and feel tough. Go for real leather if that’s what you want, because it’s definitely a different feeling. On the other hand, if you want this earth to be a happy place, you could also go for high quality faux leather that offer no less than their murderous counterparts!

3. The Bombers and Fitted Denims

If you are a fan of Brit actor Jason Statham, then you know very well what we are talking about. This look is for people who like things compact and smart; who aren’t trying to look powerful, stylish, or intimidating, they are all of it. It shows no effort to go out of the ordinary and become a fashion icon; what it does show is raw confidence and an urbane yet rugged attitude.

To perfect this look, you need a stubble, a leather bomber’s jacket that fits like a dream, black denims, and a whole lot of confidence. Easily available, but not everyone has it!

4. The Intellectual Look

And yet, if you resonate with none of the above and think that all of these are too loud for you, then you are probably a solemn minimalist creating a universe in your head. Just a pair of broad rimmed square glasses, an enigmatic look in your eyes (which is probably always there), and a 5 o’ clock shadow… You could wear denim shirts and trousers to carry yourself around, but it probably doesn’t matter what you wear.

5. The Businessman

For the workaholic, no-nonsense, power tie – power suit, one hell of a confident person, the best scalp micropigmentation does wonders. It makes them look clean, sharp and also reduces their hassle of trying to groom their diminishing hairline with lots of hair gel. Going double breasted with the suit would just accentuate the brilliance of the look and they could also add expensive accessories like a chronograph, signet rings, gemstone cuff links, and more.

Every speck of this look will resonate with their idea of the corporate alpha male.

All of these 5 looks go to show that getting an MCP presses no limitation on you to pursue any kind of men’s fashion style. In fact, it rather encourages it, if you know how to adapt to it the right way!

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