9 Reasons Why Dating A Bald Guy (With Hair Tattoo) Is Really Awesome

Being prematurely bald is no longer a bane. In fact, many men and women consider baldness as the new sexy. There are a few ladies who love long locks on guys, but some prefer bald men. Now it is a personal choice, but dating bald guys comes with many awesome advantages. Want to know what they are? Want to know why should you date a bald guy? Here are some reasons that support the notion.

#1: Being bald highlights their other features like eyes, nose, ears and their mouth!

#2: Their gaze becomes more piercing when there is less hair on the head.

#3: They get hair tattoo scalp micropigmentation and look even sexier and sassier. (This particular process imitates the look of cropped hair, which, you will agree, is one of the best out there!)

#4: They can wear all types of hats without looking like a freak.

#5: They will not spend hundreds of dollars on hair products. (You can spend it however you wish to!)

#6: They will not take up your “getting dressed” time by fixing their hair in front of the mirror.

#7: Because clean shower drains.

#8: Because it is sexy and beautiful.

#9: Because there are so many Hollywood inspirations put there- Vin Diesel, Dwayne Johnson, Patrick Stewart, Jason Statham, Mark Strong, Billy Zane and Bruce Willis to name a few.

Come on, even Voldemort is hot. And so are most villains. Because they are intimidating and sizzling. So being bald is hot. So if your man is becoming bald prematurely, boost his confidence, not make fun of him. You know he looks extremely attractive and comes with so many cool benefits. When you really think about it, it definitely feels awesome.

Don’t curse your baldness and be sad. Make it a blessing by embracing the virtues. Whether you want to be full bald or want head tattoos for hair loss, is completely your choice. But rather fussing over what you don’t have, enjoy what you have. Let your natural features do the talking.

One effective way to make baldness less embarrassing is to opt for scalp micropigmentation. The process is simple and not complicated at all. With 100% successful outcome, you will be happy with how changed your look is. Hair tattoo is safe as well as the ink used is organic and the needle is cleaned by the experts daily. The permanency of a hair tattoo can span from anything between 2 to 4 years, thus, becoming easy on your pocket. Maintaining it also needs zero effort. Just wash your scalp to get rid of the dead skin and then use a matte finish moisturizer to give it a shine and protect the color from fading.

So what are you exactly waiting for? Get your hair tattoo micropigmentation done today and shine with your baldness. And as for the ladies, blow them off their feet with your unique style. Good Luck!

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