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A Brief History Of ScalpCarolinas

Enoch Glover

Scalp Specialist & Lead Technician

Enoch Glover is an accomplished practitioner and has earned a Master’s Designation in Scalp MicroPigmentation (SMP). Since founding the first SMP practice in the Southeast in 2013, and having been one of the earliest trained technicians, Mister Glover has developed a reputation as a leading provider of SMP. Working with many well-known innovators and leaders in the SMP industry, he often speaks at SMP conferences on the latest in hairline design techniques, and achieving natural looking results.

Mister Glover knows the impact of hair loss on appearance and confidence, and has successfully transformed hundreds of lives, performing some of the most complicated and challenging procedures for his clients. Every customer and their needs are unique.

On meeting Enoch, you know that people are the core of his business, and helping them is his calling. Enoch works and lives by the philosophy: Confidence is timeless

Our History

Confidence Is Timeless

Scalpcarolinas is an independent, operated Scalp Micropigmentation, also known as head tattoo center,  that offers service in a private upscale location in the heart of Charlotte. Established in 2013, we chose to get into this business of Scalp Micropigmentation because we could see the effect it has had on people suffering from hair-loss. We are in the business of freedom. The freedom to live without worrying about what your scalp looks like. Simply get up and go, always looking good and feeling great.

What we enjoy most about this line of work are the people and the life stories that each and every client has and how we are able to positively impact that story and be a part of their hair restoration journey.

Scalpcarolinas is operated  by a single practitioner who will see you through the entire process from start to finish, ensuring that you experience nothing but the best.

Stemming from the “Old School” of Scalp Micropigmentation, owner and head technician Enoch Glover is a veritable expert in the field of SMP. Using organic products and state-of-the-art technologies he’s been changing the lives of hair loss patients for over half a decade. In fact, he’s so passionate about his industry, he even provides a free ebook download on the causes and solutions to hair loss.

Offering solely Scalp Micropigmentation in his clinic it’s clear that Enoch Glover is an expert in the industry. Providing comprehensive payment plans and affordable SMP treatments you can contact him via his website or go along to his Charlotte clinic to discuss your hair loss requirements.

Our hair follicle replication and hair line design, is one of the best in the industry because it looks natural. Looking natural is the number 1 concern we get from every client. When customers return from their first session, we always ask, “What was the response?” The number one answer we get is that “People keeps looking like something is different, but they cannot put their finger on it.” Natural is subjective in nature and so we work with every client to ensure we clearly understand what they mean by natural and then we work on exceeding that expectation. Whatever look you desire, we can achieve it; in the end, leaving every client satisfied and their life changed forever.

What differentiates Scalpcarolinas  from any other center is that the work we do is personal and you get a personal experience focused on who you are as an individual. Every customer is unique and we treat it as such. This is is also the reason why we do not train others to perform the procedure on our behalf.

To find Scalp Carolinas, to schedule your initial consultation, you can find Enoch Glover on 224 Westinghouse Blvd Suite 606, in Charlotte. Air, rail and road links are widely available and your restoration process is just a phone call away.

Free Consultation

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By this time you probably have done hours of research and you know all you need to know about the procedure. Now the question is finding the right center to perform the procedure. Rest assured you have come to the right place. Our focus is to ensure that you are well informed and we have answered all your questions. Additionally, it is important that you see our body of work and also get to meet your technician to ensure you have a rapport. This consultation is for both our benefit.

The free evaluation is important because hair loss can affect the scalp in different ways and seeing the areas of concern and discussing your goals and style is something that can best be achieved at a face to face evaluation. Our goal is never to sell the procedure to you but to ensure that you have had the chance to evaluate accordingly before making a decision.You can bank on us without hitting the panic button for the best head tattoos for hair loss solutions!