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A Brief History Of ScalpCarolinas

Enoch Glover

Scalp Specialist & Lead Technician

ScalpCarolinas is a leading provider of scalp micro-pigmentation (SMP) services, and was founded in 2013 by Master Designation holder Enoch Glover. As one of the earliest trained technicians in SMP, Mister Glover has developed a strong reputation as an innovator and leader in hairline design techniques, and aims to provide his clients with natural looking results.

At ScalpCarolinas, we understand how greatly confidence can be affected by hair loss. This is why our mission is to give every customer their own unique experience where they feel comfortable discussing their needs and concerns regarding their appearance. We strive for a culture that values empathy and understanding so that each client will leave feeling confident about themselves.

Our vision is to empower those suffering from hair loss due to illness or age through advanced scalp micropigmentation technology so they can live life with greater self-esteem . We want everyone who walks through our doors to not just regain but also maintain their confidence long after leaving us!

Our History

Confidence Is Timeless

At ScalpCarolinas, we provide a permanent solution to hair loss with superior scalp micropigmentation services. We are dedicated to helping those suffering from hair-loss restore their confidence and regain control of their life by offering them freedom from worrying about what the scalp looks like. Our experienced and passionate owner and head technician Enoch Glover has been transforming lives for over half a decade using only organic products and advanced technology. As an independent business located in Charlotte, North Carolina, our mission is to continue providing reliable hair restoration solutions while educating people on the causes & solutions to balding – striving always towards creating better patient experiences & outcomes. With our passion-driven vision, we will ensure that every client walks away feeling restored & empowered with lifelong confidence!

ScalpCarolinas is an expert in the industry of hair follicle replication and hair line design that helps those suffering from hair loss get back their confident, self-assured look. We provide comprehensive payment plans with affordable SMP treatments to give our customers natural-looking results they desire. Our unique value proposition is to take a personal approach to each customer, recognizing that every individual’s needs are different. With a mission statement of helping people feel empowered through regaining their confidence and self esteem by giving them a restored look crafted for them as individuals, we strive towards our vision of becoming the number one choice for those seeking micro pigmentation services across North America.


To find Scalp Carolinas, to schedule your initial consultation, you can find Enoch Glover on 224 Westinghouse Blvd Suite 606, in Charlotte. Air, rail and road links are widely available and your restoration process is just a phone call away.

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Consider us the specialists when it comes to finding a solution for hair loss. From researching, answering questions, and meeting your technician – we are here to provide you with an educated decision about this procedure! Our free evaluation is designed not only as our benefit but yours too; so that together we can assess any problems areas of concern which may affect the scalp differently according to style or goals. With greater knowledge comes assurance in knowing that making such decisions will be made without fear after being provided all possible options available – giving back control over something previously thought uncontrollable! So trust us and let’s find out how head tattoos can help restore confidence today!.