Give Yourself Some Self-Love With Scalp Micropigmentation Treatment This Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s day is just a week away, and may be you are sulking for being single. Well, if you are alone this V-day, get up and show yourself some self-love without the requirement of any sort of validation from someone else. You are independent, and gifting yourself a tattoo wouldn’t be bad, isn’t it? But, let’s not go into the world of regular skin tattoos, rather choose hair tattoo to put a permanent end to your serious hair loss and hair thinning issue. How’s the idea of gifting yourself the permanent, advanced and non-invasive scalp micropigmentation treatment this Valentine’s day? This would stay with your forever, and you will regain the self-confidence that you had almost lost due to the troublesome hair loss issues.

Men often face a lot of dilemmas when they consider getting a hair treatment done, and you can head for a scalp micropigmentation procedure under the following circumstances.

Are you tired of trying the different medicines and hair regrowth lotions that have utterly failed?

Have you got the problem checked by a doctor too and invested a lot of money on futile treatment attempts?

Have you always been sceptical and kind of scared to try hair transplant and other surgical ways to get fresh new hair?

If you have been in these situations, you have only one way left, and that would be the process of scalp micropigmentation or hair tattoo.

How does your head look post treatment?

The first thing that comes to your mind would be the kind of look you will get after the treatment is done. Well, you will basically get the look of a shaved head, or a stubble. This won’t have any kind of negative implications to your social or professional life, but you will get a fresh appearance full of confidence and smartness.

Consult with during the consultation session about your post treatment look

If you are still facing doubts and feeling clueless about the type of appearance you would achieve after getting the scalp micropigmentation tattoo, you need to discuss with the technicians and SMP artists of the chosen hair clinic for further details. A professionally reputed and reliable hair clinic’s artists will definitely explain to you about the possibilities of this treatment and post procedure effects. To clear any sort of doubt, you should ask them as many questions as you can.

Selecting the right styles for hair tattoo

This advanced hair tattoo method allows the skilled and professionally dexterous technicians to create the hairline that you want, be it frontal hairline profile or side profile. You can discuss with them about the look that would suit you depending on your face cut, hair color, hair styles and hairline. Select the pigment that can make you look as natural as possible and you can also choose to have a hairline that is forward or receded, defined or soft.

Post treatment care

The total hair tattoo scalp micropigmentation treatment takes more than one session to complete, and you need to be careful about following the instructions of the professionals for a good post treatment care. From not taking a bath for few days, to not messing your scalp with any sort of soap, shampoo and moisturizer and protecting it from UV rays, a lot of things are kept in mind. These are simple and easy hacks that would help you get the best and most effective result after you are done with all the hair tattoo sessions.

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