Titan had always been a little self-conscious about his hair. He was the only one in his family with a receding hairline and it made him feel like he didn’t fit in. As time went on, Titan’s confidence faded more and more as his hair continued to thin out until eventually, it was all gone.

Titan felt like he had lost part of himself without his luscious locks to frame his face. He became withdrawn from society, spending day after day locked away in his home trying desperately to cope with how drastically different he looked without any hair at all.

One night while scrolling through Instagram Titan came across Scalp Carolinas, located in Charlotte, NC, something that would change everything: scalp micropigmentation (SMP). The procedure promised to give him back the full head of hair he once had by using tiny needles filled with pigment to create an illusion of short stubble on the scalp for a natural look. After doing some research and finding out what other people were saying about their experiences, Titan decided this could be just what he needed to reclaim some sense of normalcy again – even if it wasn’t real hair!

It took a few days for everything to be set up but finally the day arrived when Titan underwent SMP treatment for the first time. When finished, he couldn’t believe how amazing it looked! His bald spot vanished and instead there appeared realistic looking stubble that gave off an impression of fullness much like before when he still had actual strands growing atop his head. It truly saved him!

He immediately stepped outside into the sunshine feeling reborn; no longer ashamed or embarrassed due to lack of locks but instead proud and confident sporting this new style which ironically made him look younger than ever before! From then on whenever someone complimented ‘his’ thick mane or asked where they could get such great styling done too -he simply smiled knowing nobody else would ever know that beneath those newly implanted follicles lay nothing but empty skin…


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