Hair Transplant Vs Scalp Micropigmentation: Who Is The Ultimate Winner?

You have been affected by the bane of premature balding. It has cost you a lot. You have tried different hair products to no avail. So some suggested hair transplant, but wait, that is supposed to be really expensive. And your best friend told you about scalp micropigmentation. A hair tattoo! That just sounds scary! So now, what are you supposed to do? You don’t want to be battling with thinning hair and baldness anymore.

There has been a long ensuing debate about which procedure is better. Here is weighing all the aspects and settling the problem for once and all.

The procedures are:

Hair transplant- Hair Transplantation is the procedure of weaving hair surgically onto the bald spots of the head using local anesthesia. Two methods are widely used, namely Follicular Unit Transplantation and Follicular Unit Extraction. Both need medical assistance and are performed by a trained surgeon. Permanent in nature, transplanted hair can look synthetic.

Scalp micropigmentation- Scalp micropigmentation is the process of using a small amount of pigment on the bald spots to cover them up. The end result looks more natural. Unlike normal tattoos, these don’t have metals and is not permanent. They can be touched up annually to keep them looking good.

How long does the procedure take?

Hair transplant- The procedure for hair transplant takes an entire day of operation. Overnight stay in the hospital is necessary for the anesthesia requires time to wear off. New hair growth takes place from after 6 to 9 months. Also, the end results take up to a year or more to be visible.

Scalp micropigmentation- Scalp micropigmentation for thinning hair is a comparatively easier process. Each seating takes two to three hours. With 3 appointments, you will be able to notice the difference. Within a week, the pigment starts to set naturally into the skin. A month is enough time to give you the proper results.

Which is more painful?

Hair transplant- You don’t feel any pain when undergoing a hair transplant procedure because you are put under the influence of local anesthesia. You sleep throughout the surgery and wake up feeling all new. The next few days might be painful and painkillers might be prescribed by the doctors to relieve you of that. 3 to 5 days following the surgery, you will be able to get your normal life.

Scalp micropigmentation- Scalp micropigmentation is differently painful for different people. Your pain threshold basically dictates the amount of pain you will feel. But it is not as painful as a traditional tattoo either. Unlike them, cosmetic tattoos implant the pigments only on the upper dermis of the skin. You also need no time to recover!

Which one is more effective?

Hair transplant- Hair transplant is a permanent solution. Once the hair follicles are embedded in the head, they keep growing just like your normal hair. However, the biggest problem with hair transplant is that it looks a bit synthetic or you can say a little less natural. You will also have to indulge in an after-surgery treatment, which can be time-consuming. The end result might not be as satisfactory as expected, with one in a ten success ratio.

Scalp micropigmentation- Micropigmentation is always a success and looks great. It is their natural appeal that makes them a far more reliable procedure. Also, maintaining scalp micropigmentation is easier. Wash your head normally and then use a gel to give it a natural finish. The pigment matches the skin color well, giving fantastic results.

Which saves you money?

Hair transplant- Okay let’s get real. Hair transplants are expensive and cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars. The more bald patches you have, the more money you have to shed. It is not the cheapest option available.

Scalp micropigmentation- Hairline tattoo cost only a few hundred dollars because it is simple and doesn’t need many resources to complete. The pigment is natural and affordable. And the practitioners don’t charge much to perform the procedure. You also don’t need a retouch before four years, which is extremely low-priced. Hence, they are less likely to break your bank.

Thus, it can be concluded that scalp micropigmentation is a winner! It is natural, it is easy, it is cost effective and it doesn’t require you to follow up with further expensive treatments. There are no scars too.

So now, with your confusion solved, make a wise decision. Get the best scalp micropigmentation treatment from the top practitioners. Book an appointment with them and change your life forever.

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