Hairline Tattoo During SMP. Friend or Foe?

1. Key Considerations

One of the most crucial and important discussion during the scalp micro-pigmentation consultation is the design of the hairline. Hairline tattoo design during the Micropigmentation process can either make or break the client’s appearance. Usually, there are numerous decisions to be made. One of the key ones is what is normally known in the micropigmentation world as a hard or soft hairline. One provides a more youthful look, while the other, a youthful look but also very conservation and natural in nature.

2. The deciding factor

So, how is a person to decide this hairline tattoo design? Many factors that should be considered is age, overall structure of the face, and the extent of the hair-loss! Normally, the goal is for a client to look young after the scalp Micropigmentation procedure but a good artist must also take into account the age and how to balance between hard hairline and soft hairline to ensure that the overall achieved look of the micro-pigmentation procedure goes undetected.

3. Teamwork

This is where it is important for the SMP technician to collaborate with the client to ensure the right decision is made. The SMP client should have the most input during this phase! He/She should be very vocal and express the transformation they are going after. The Scalp micro-pigmentation or head tattoo Technician must also provide their honest feedback to the client.

Due to the permanency of this head tattoo procedure, it is wise to always be conservative. It is always advised to choose a soft hairline to start. This allows for room to move to a hard hairline if desired later on.

4. The Bottom line

In short, be conservative, collaborate, experiment with markers as much as possible, and choose a hair line tattoo that fits your look. Too hard of a hairline on a matured client can give the scalp micro-pigmentation procedure away and too soft of a hairline can make a very young person look too mature.

Hairline design is crucial and can be your friend or foe, but when chosen conservatively, one can at least made modifications later on.

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