How To Look Better With Your Scalp Micropigmentation Done?

Fine, you had a balding problem and you got it out of the way with a minimally invasive scalp micropigmentation procedure done. Now that you look like you just came out from an ultimate buzz cut, guess what – you need to make sure that your style sensibilities compliment your hairstyle, so that you feel confident and be the same attractive personality that you always were.

But how would that happen? You have probably never had a crew optimized dressing style before – so how do you make do? Well, there is no need for you to worry! This blog is going to make sure that your dressing style is on top game so that your hair tattoo for hair loss looks like your natural signature. Let’s take a look at how –

1. Go for a side fade beard that is trimmed to perfection

Crew cuts always look good with side fading beard and that is what you should get if you can grow one. The look adds a continuity to your hair pigmented style and makes it look even more natural, blending in perfectly with the rest of your face. However, always make sure to keep the cut rounded or angular, depending on your face shape – that way the look feels more balanced and you will look far more attractive.

2. Fitted clothing only

A micro pigmented hairstyle looks very tight and adjusted to your face and that is why it makes it very important that you opt for fitted clothes only. This way, it will look more congruent, giving you a uniformity in your style and making you look like someone who is really sorted and takes care of themselves – something that women around the world find very attractive.

3. Wear colors or attractive clothes

Colors make one look more vibrant and draws the attention to ones central features like the body and the face. When people wear something more neutral, flaws seem more evident and it could resonate if you do happen to have low confidence. Also, neutrals are bland, and colors bring a sense of positivity to the people around you – making it truly one of the best ways to dress possible.

4. Workout and take care of your body

Working out can be a real plus for people with micro pigmented hair and there is plenty of reason why. A tight hairstyle like that could make you look far lankier in frame and that is definitely not desirable. However, with workouts, you tend to become more lean, sinewy, and muscular at the same time and that really does its job for your scalp micro pigmented look.

Another part of looking good with a crew cut hair style is to get a lot of skin treatment to help it glow better and attract all the attention there. In fact, even keeping your teeth shining pearly white can add a great deal of appeal to the whole look and it can make you look so much put together and well groomed!

5. Wear attires that make you look more angular

Like suits or anything that makes you look broad shouldered with a narrow waistline. That way, it will work wonders for you and will create a balance for all of the roundedness that scalp micro pigmentation gives you. It’s an easy trick to look better and can actually go a long way to blend in with your style and make you look better.

All of the above 5 points are extremely helpful if followed correctly to make you look cool and attractive with a buzz or crew cut hairstyle. The principle is simple, to make you look as good as possible and that can only happen when your dresses are in perfect sync with each other and you also have a fit body that adds a certain gravitas to your all-round personality. In fact, if you do manage to follow all of these simple steps to make yourself look better, then you will definitely be far more appreciated as a person who likes to keep in style, even when his hands are tied!

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