Keep In Track The Different Stages Of Male Pattern Baldness To Prevent Embarassment

Male pattern baldness is a serious issue that has often plagued men of all ages. It often happens due to stress, aging, or hormonal imbalance.

This makes men very conscious about themselves and, thus, lose out a lot on their idea of being attractive. However, there are treatment options that are both cheap and help in getting you a better and smarter look; a prime example of which is scalp micropigmentation tattoo.

Here’s a look at the different stages of male hair loss and when you should start being concerned with treatment –

Stage I – Receding Hairline

It all starts with hair loss at the temples and the hairline going above the top brow lines. At this point, most of it is technical and cannot be noticed by other people or by oneself.

There is also no need of treatment during this time.

Stage 2 – Temple Hair loss along with crown

During this phase, men start losing further hair from their temples and the crown also shows signs of thinning. One can go for scalp micropigmentation for thinning hair to close up these patches without doing anything else.

This will help individuals hide their patches effectively and not fall out of confidence in themselves.

Stage 3 – Further Crown Thinning

In this phase, the bridge that separates crown and temple hair loss slowly starts disappearing as both the patches start merging. The middle patch spreads while side hairs remain considerably normal.

If treatment is not administered during this stage, then it might spread even more rapidly and progress into irreversible balding.

Stage 4 – Side Hairs also Start Thinning

The final stage of balding, this phase slowly colonises the side patches, too. During this stage, men become most conscious about it and try to compensate by holding on to the very few strands of hair that are left.

However, it is best to take an alternative method of grooming and opt for micro pigmentation to get a sharp and formal look; that is far better than over-compensating the baldness with a wig or some other costly hair method.

So, if you are in any of the above stages of male pattern balding, give hair tattoo MCP a shot; it might just give you back your confidence.

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