Scalp Micropigmentation & Thinning Hair

Scalp Micropigmentation does not only work for those that are totally bald or experiencing sudden hair loss but it can also work on those with thinning hair or those that have had hair transplant and isn’t full enough. So, for those of you who are concern that people are looking at you because they see the lightness of your scalp can rest easy.

Hair loss affects millions of people but for some the thinning of the hair brings about as much stress as totally going balding. In most cases, the process is the same but the application must be executed uniformly, otherwise it may not look right.

The challenge with performing this sort of head tattoo is the fact that the needle and ink must go through the hair to get to the scalp and most times the ink gets caught in the hair, creating a mess (smeared ink). Additionally, since the client wants to keep their hair, how does one determine the hairline to create?

The hair line is determined by the existing hair line. New hair line cannot be created outside of the existing hair line. As a result, the hairline must be created and build up within the existing hairline.

Lastly, performing this sort of procedure takes a lot of patience.

If you are one with thinning hair, no worries, We can help.

We are ScalpCarolinas and we are locate din Charlotte, NC and we have been performing Scalp Micropigmentation for men and women for over 7 years.

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