The Emergence Of Scalp Tattoo Technicians

Scalp Micropigmentation, Head Tattoo, SMP is still in its infancy. Though slowly building up in popularity, many helpless people with hair loss issues still do not know they have a viable option that works.

In the past, hair transplant and hair pieces has been the number choice and many still see that as their first option but in most cases, the results can be a hit or miss. I did a study of all the different options and can be found here on my page It goes through all of the options available to men and women with pattern baldness, thinning hair or alopecia. What you will find is that there are pros and cons to all options and so it comes down to the sufferer of hair loss, which option is of most importance to them.

Immediacy of Scalp Micropigmentation
One thing is certain, Scalp Micropigmentation, also know as hair line tattoo provides immediate resolution to many of these sufferers when done correctly, but the question that plagues the sufferer is how to go about choosing the right SMP center.

The emergence of scalp tattoo centers or technicians has boomed in the past couple of years. Being in this industry for almost 6 years, I have seen the number of technicians grow exponentially. Why, one might ask? Well, it is a lucrative business with start up costs. One can simply watch a video and try to perform this procedure with the notion that it is just placing dots on a person’s scalp. That coupled with a consumer looking for cheap options yields disastrous results and in the long run, the sufferer of hair loss losing out.

Fuel to the fire in Hairline Tattoo
Additionally, many successful artist has seen the increase in the entry of this business and has resulted to training, which has made matters worse. 3 days training for someone wanting to get in the industry and they are pushed out there to start performing scalp micro-pigmentation.

What is one to do?
So how does one determine the right center or technician to go to? I have a couple of suggestions to help guide someone to increase their chances of getting great results.

Look for a center near you but don’t be afraid to travel if needed
Number of years the center has been operating
Consistent results in scalp micropigmentation
Reviews. Not just 5 star reviews but look for comments within the reviews
Look through large bodies of work and real life pictures of past clients
Interview the technician
Ensure that the person who will perform your procedure has been in the industry for a long time
Don’t just buy into the big name companies in the industry
Ponder over the price being quoted. Cheaper does not mean better and expensive does not mean better as well so ask how pricing is calculated
Ask to talk to past clients
The bottom line to all of this is, do your research and ensure that you have a connection with the center or technician that you choose. When all is said and done, this is a permanent procedure and you want to establish a long positive standing relationship with the technician.

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