The Important Things To Know About The Popular Scalp Micropigmentation Procedure

Are you fighting and eventually losing the battle against hair loss? Hair tattoos have become quite trendy and popular in the last few decades and usually branded as scalp micropiogmentation nowadays. The men who are fed up with hair loss and nearing baldness should go for this safe and non-invasive treatment to avail immense benefits. Lotions and surgical hair replacement don’t work every time, and you have to resort to the alternative in the form of scalp micropigmentation.

Now everyone is not familiar with this treatment option, and remain in a bubble of confusion. To help you get done with the unknown sides and confusions that don’t let you rely upon this procedure, here are some of the most important things to know about the popular scalp micropigmentation procedure.

The goal of SMP

The procedure mainly is a non-invasive one that includes the use of needles and ink, injecting the ink pigmentation on the outermost layer of scalp. This whole process gives way to the illusion of stubble or a shaved head, adding smartness to your look. If you want to look different, and not conventional, then the SMP technique is the best way to treat your hair loss or baldness problem.

The types of needles used

Regular hair tattoos and micropigmentation are different, and hence the needles used are also not same. The needles used for hair scalp pigmentation are thinner to inject the ink properly and create the illusion of the stubble. Also, the needles are not perfectly round.

How painful is the procedure?

The needles used in this procedure are round and not that bigger in size. The pain involved in this process is comparatively less than the procedure of conventional and regular hair tattoos, and might need the help of local anaesthesia if you are too uncomfortable with the idea of injecting needles.

The look of new hairline

The SMP specialists will discuss with you about the creation of realistic hairline and the right placement of it. To stop things from looking too artificial, you shouldn’t go for a much lower hairline.

The time span required for the procedure

The non-invasive and popular hair tattoo micropigmentation procedure hardly takes two to three hours and might require some couple of sessions to complete the whole treatment. After the total procedure is complete, you have to be very protective about your scalp so that the tattoo doesn’t fade with heat and air exposure. For this, the SMP experts would advise you to use a good SPF contained sun screen lotion.

What is the approximate cost?

The cost of getting the micropigmentation treatment done is less than hair transplant and replacement and is basically a cost effective method. You can go for this treatment to save money, time and energy on baldness and get a better life full of confidence without risking all your savings.

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