What Haters Will Never Tell You About Scalp Micropigmentation

Scalp micropigmentation is a process through which expert tattoo artists create 3D hair follicles on your balding areas to make you look like you have a buzz cut or an illusion of having a head full of hair. However, like any other procedure that gives guaranteed results, this too has tonnes of haters who advocate against it and go for all kinds of solutions and hair grafting procedures. While it is a matter of ‘to each his own’, there are quite a number of things that these haters are hiding from you when it comes to scalp MCP.

To take out this ignorance out of the way, this blog will list everything that is great about this procedure and why you should opt for these over other promises of hair regrowth. Let’s take a look:

1. It is the most effective non-invasive procedure

While there are several alternatives like hair transplant and grafting that involve planting of genetically invulnerable hair in the bald spots, these need invasive operative procedure that will be painful and cost you quite the fortune. In fact, there are also other medical conditions that need to be checked along with scalp check-up and dermatological tests. All in all, it requires a lot of preparations, something that is not a part of MCP. Scalp MCP is fast and isn’t an operative method at all – plus, it gives the most effective results to the eye, almost immediately. No other hair treatment can give you that.

2. Costs considerable less

When people opt for chemicals like minoxidil treatment, it is a recurring expense that needs to be carried out for the rest of your life to maintain hair thickness and prevent hair loss. Of course, the costs of grafting hair from other parts of the body is quite a lot too with each strand needing equal precision and an invasive method. However, scalp MCP needs just a couple of sittings, has almost no recurring expense and can cost you anywhere between a few hundred to a couple of thousand dollars, depending on your area. Also, the only additional expense is when someone needs to touch up the MCP, but that happens 4 to 6 years apart and costs far less than the initial investment. Isn’t that better?

3. No side effects

Vasodilators like minoxidil solutions can cause a fair bit of head ache and nausea if it doesn’t suit the person. Hair transplant could have several medical complications and some of the transplanted hair may even fall off because of derma-shock caused by introduction of foreign hair in the crown area. However, nothing of this sort happens with scalp MCP and there are no side effects if it is done by regular professionals.

Now that you know the things that needed to be told, you are likely to have a fair bit of argument, no matter what haters tell you about scalp MCP. And that’s the thing about truth, it always triumphs!

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